Interactive Basics

Online class that covers the fundamentals of programming through image-making, animation, interactive design, and digital games.


Week One

Getting started. Simplicity and Complexity. Shapes and Colors.

Week Two

For Loops, Functions, and Events. Drawing and Rotating Bitmaps. Formatting the Canvas. Learn from Artists.

Week Three

Arrays and Object Literals. Composition.

Week Four

Simple menus and clipping masks.

Due: Project One: Simplify and Complicate.

Week Five

Mouse events and random numbers. Surrealist's game of Exquisite Corspe.

Week Six

Object-oriented programming. Drag and drop.

Week Seven

Collage. Pixel Manipulation. Sound.

Week Eight

Display and interact with video.

Week Nine

Create a preview for Project Two: Collage and Synthesize.

Week Ten

Connect and upload files to your student server space

Due: Project Two: Collage and Synthesize

Week Eleven

Animation. Cycles, Digital Flip Books, and Simple Interaction.

Week Twelve

Interactive Animation.

Week Thirteen

Simulate Drawing.

Week Fourteen

Simple Games.

Week Fifteen


Week Sixteen

Project work.

Week Seventeen

Due: Project Three: Animate and Simulate